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Isa Yaka (Maestra Juana & Ignacio Rodriguez)

Maestra Juana Silvano Teco (Isa Yaka which means Humming Bird) is a Shipiba Curandera from the Peruvian Amazon. Her family lineage are the carriers of the Noya Rao tree, or Tree of Light, a rare and powerful tree who's spirit is said to carry the light of God. These high quality recordings of her ikaros have been lovingly combined with the incredible musicianship of Chilean multi-instrumentalist Ignacio Rodriguez in this collaboration between these two beautiful souls. 

Fire in the Spirit
Debut Album - Back to Earth
Their music is a blend of guitar styles, didgeridoo, tribal drum and heart felt lyrics. Come and journey through dreamtime memories of lifetimes shared, reconnecting tribal roots, back to earth, back to heart, back to love.

Mariana Root  - Debut album - SoLay

Portuguese root’s and hummingbird wings that love to drink from different fountains where the sound of nature vibrates.

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Yuin Huz
Producer/Rapper/Artist - Hip Hop/Fusion
Yuin Huz is an Australian Music Producer/Lyricist/Visionary Artist and the founder and studio engineer of Sacred Valley Sounds.
His discography span genres like Conscious-Hip Hop, Acoustic Medicine Music, Electronic, Indigenous-Fusion and many flavors in between.