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  1. Drums Tale

From the recording Back to Earth

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Drums Tale

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Drum tell me of this lands tale
Speak to me like a fairytale
Of temptation forgotten love sale
Sail to remember
Simplify my eyes to remember
Long ago
A dream time ago

Firelight symphony
Simplicit ecstasy
In land of trees and golden leaves
Caressed by spirits breathe
In your open arms we trust
That death bring no harm to us
Our fathers passed into the dust
We are this land this land is us

So take me awake me
Do not forsake me
We must be where we are free
Where we see clearly
We travel well we travel free
Take only what we need
What is greed

So follow your path
and do not stray
find your dreamtime every day
the color in todays grey haze
the drum will guide your way